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Tue 26 Jul, 2016
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Movie (Year)SourceFormatCategorySub-CategoryScoreHits
BluRayDivX/XviDSerial KillerSplatterNone430
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone1065
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone1959
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerSplatterNone2294
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerSplatterNone2535
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone1888
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2784
DVDDivX/XviDAsianSerial KillerNone3312
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2575
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2399
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2295
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2366
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2054
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerExploitationNone3807
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2382
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerExploitationNone2751
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2221
DVDDivX/XviDSupernaturalSerial KillerNone6502
DVDDivX/XviDThrillerSerial KillerNone2058
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerThrillerNone3014
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerPsychologicalNone3756
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2094
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone3304
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerPsychological7/102226
DVDDivX/XviDSlasherSerial Killer5/102448
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerPsychological7/102394
VHSDivX/XviDSplatterSerial Killer7/103352
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerExploitationNone6387
DVDDivX/XviDTeenSerial KillerNone3637
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerSplatterNone3490
DVDDivX/XviDThrillerSerial KillerNone2242
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone3151
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerSlasher7/102779
VHSDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2099
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerComicNone3311
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerComicNone2393
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2507
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone1951
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2628
VHSDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone3032
VHSDivX/XviDCultSerial KillerNone2161
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2508
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerSplatterNone3420
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2436
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerB-MovieNone3359
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerSupernaturalNone3137
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone2661
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerSupernaturalNone3319
DVDDivX/XviDPsychologicalSerial KillerNone2065
DVDDivX/XviDSerial KillerNoneNone1983
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