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Man With The Screaming Brain (2005)

This isn't a horror film, but since Bruce Campbell is such a b-movie star you get this as a freebie Smile

A very enjoyable movie if your forgiving on the budgetry constraints. Its very light going, and there's familiar faces and some cool performances. Thius is no comparison to stuff like Evil Dead or even Bubba Ho-Tep, its more in line with the lower budget movies he's done.


Man.With.The.Screaming.Brain.2005.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-LiNE.avi (694 MB) [Stats]
Man.With.The.Screaming.Brain.2005.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-LiNE.nfo (15 KB) [Stats]
Man.With.The.Screaming.Brain.2005.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-LiNE-sample.avi (5 MB) [Stats]


Name : line-brain.avi
Filesize : 694 MB (or 710,928 KB or 727,990,272 bytes)
Runtime : 01:29:34 (128,858 fr)
Video Codec : XviD
Video Bitrate : 946 kb/s
Audio Codec : 0x0055(MP3) ID'd as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate : 129 kb/s (64/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.95
Frame Size : 512x288 (1.78:1) [=16:9]

鄄北圹 臂郾臂
鄄北圹 谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 [i] NFO 哪 臂郾辈
鄄北圹壁 揽臂郾辈
鄄北圹背Man.With.The.Screaming.Brain.2005.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-LiNE 潮圹北圹
鄄北圹背 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Name : Man With The Screaming Brain 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Year : 2005 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Genre : Sci-Fi 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Runtime : 89 Min 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Language : English 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Source : DVD 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背FPS : 23.976 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Audio Codec : MP3 ~128k/s 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Video Codec : XviD ~946k/s 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Release Date : 10-01-2005 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背File Names : line-brain.rxx 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Size : 49x15Mb 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背IMDB Rating : 5.8 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背IMDB Url : 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹崩 谫臂郾辈
鄄北圹 媚哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 [P] LOT 哪 臂郾辈
鄄北圹壁 揽臂郾辈
鄄北圹背Man with the Screaming Brain is a story of greed, betrayal 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背and revenge in the a small Bulgarian town. William Cole, 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背wealthy industrialist, winds up with part of his brain 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背replaced by that of a Russian cab driver Yegor. The two 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背couldn't be more different, but they share one thing - both 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背were killed by the same woman. Brought back to life by a 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背mad scientist, William and Yegor form an unlikely 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背partnership to track down their common nemesis. 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹崩 谫臂郾辈
鄄北圹 媚哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 [C] AST 哪 臂郾辈
鄄北圹壁 揽臂郾辈
鄄北圹背Bruce Campbell as William Cole潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Ted Raimi as Pavel潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Antoinette Byron as Jackie潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Tamara Gorski as Tatoya潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Remington Franklin as Gypsy Punk and Euro Thug潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背Directed by: Bruce Campbell 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹崩 谫臂郾辈
鄄北圹 媚哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 [R] iPPER [C] OMMENTS 哪 臂郾辈
鄄北圹壁 揽臂郾辈
鄄北圹背Enjoy! 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹崩 谫臂郾辈
鄄北圹 媚哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 [J] OiN 哪 臂郾辈
鄄北圹壁 揽臂郾辈
鄄北圹背We are currently looking for pre, screener and retail DVDs. 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背We also want 100Mbit+ affils with a nice archive. 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背If you think you could help us, feel free to mail at: 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹背 潮圹北槽
鄄北圹崩 谫臂郾辈
鄄北圹 媚哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪 [G] REETS 哪 臂郾辈
鄄北圹壁 揽臂郾辈
鄄北圹崩 谫臂郾辈
鄄北圹 滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪馁 臂郾辈
鄄北圹 臂郾辈
鄄北圹 NFO & ASCii: COCKTAiL 臂郾辈
鄄北圹 臂郾辈

He reminds me of John Cleese in this movie :wacky:

Format: DivX/XviD
Source: DVD
Category: Sci-fi
Sub-Category: None
Date: 04 Oct, 2005
Hits: 7505
Score: 6/10
Submitter: spudthedestroyer
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View original forum thread: Man With The Screaming Brain (2005) (scifi) (DVDrip) (19 Replies)
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