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Evil Dead Trap (1988)
Download this release and add 2 link(s) to ed2k client
Evil Dead Trap  (1988)
Original Title: Shiryo no wana Codec: DivX;-) V3.11 LOW MOTION
Director: Toshiharu Ikeda Bitrate: 840 Kbit/s
Category: Horror Resolution: 480x288
Orig. Lang.: Japanese Audio: MPEG Layer 3
Year: 1988 A.Bitrate: 112 Kbit/s
Web Link: IMDB S.Rate: 48,000 Hz
Channels: 2
Country: Japan Total Filesize: 699.18 MB
Rated: 6.2 N°CDs: 1
Media: DivX Ripper: Bloodweiser

ed2k:   CD1 Writer: Takashi Ishii
Orig. Ratio:   1.85 : 1
SubTitle:   SUBS Lang: Japanese (English Hardsubs)
SubTitle:   SUBS Sources? Report No Sources

Nami hosts a late night home video program. She receives a tape which appears to be a real snuff film. She and her crew investigate the location where she meets a man looking for his brother who warns her to stay away. As she gets closer to the truth, she and her friends are subjected to a brutal nightmare.
Starring: Notes:
Miyuki Ono (Nami)
Fumi Katsuragi (Muraki)
Shinsuke Shimada (TV producerOriginal Music by
Argento would be proudA sequel in name only, this second entry in the EDT-series is easily themost satisfying one. It's as gory as one might expect from an Asian horror film -I've seen this film round eight times, but still have tolook away when the breaking-the-arm-over-the-radiator bit comes along-but this one has an ingenious plot and decent acting to boot.Far less derivative than the original, EDT 2 involves a young, timidgirl who goes on a killing spree, her self-loathing fueling the fire.There's also a sub-plot of an abortion gone awry, and the re-appearanceof Hideki, probably the scariest child in movie history. Dream-logic,most of it, but it works. The photography is perversely stylish, the pacing hypnotic. Some images,like a wounded victim staggering forward against a full-neon backdrop,or the twisted ballet of protagonist and antagonist battling in a meshof white sheets, will stay with you for a very long time. Thesoundtrack, a Goblin-inspired celesta-theme, is breath-taking, andextremely well used troughout the film. EDT 2 is top-notch film-making all the way, and will have you lookingunder the bed for nights to come. Argento would be proud.........

Rip is hardsubbed

From IMDB:

This is the best Japanesemovie I have ever seen;it is a powerful and intense tale made in a style very reminiscent of Dario Argento,especially in its use of music.Whilst one might doubt the mentality of the characters in putting themselves in a position of such potentially great danger as they do here,I guess you have to accept it as there would be no movie.The killings are graphically and imaginatively portrayed and streets ahead of what you might see in a US movie of this type. The denouement is perhaps somewhat unoriginal but you can't have everything and as the events leading up to it are so well realised this is hardly a criticism.The leading actress is very good and this being a Japanese movie is not averse to supplying a few gratuitous pantyhose shots.Ah,those Japanese!All in all this is a superb introduction for anyone wishing to dip theirtoes into a particularly gory sub-genre of the exploitation field.8 out of 10.

Additional Info:

Entry Info
Date Added: 2003-07-10
Hits: 1647
Reviewer: spudthedestroyer
Score: 7 / 10

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