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13.01.06 - MP3s create apathy? Yeah right Rolling Eyes
I read this in the metro on wednesday and to be honest, it made me kind of mad and its a total slur on MP3. Sounds like some bullcrap the RIAA would sponsor. What do you think?
MP3s 'fail to excite'

TODAY's 'iPod generation' does not appreciate songs or performances, a study suggested yesterday. Downloading vast quantities of music produced apathetic listeners who did not feel the excitement of discovering new songs, said Leicester University researchers.

'The accessibility of music has meant it is taken for granted and does not require emotional commitment once associated with music appreciation,' said Dr Adrian North. MP3 players meant music was a soundtrack to daily life, rather than something special, he added.

I download vast quantities of mp3s and i can't disagree anymore. I love discovering new styles and genres of music, just as much as I like discovering new artists.

The only problem I have, and i think this is the whole crux of the matter here, the "new" i'm referring to are decades old. Bands i've never heard before, from before I was born are exciting to listen to, and as a regular at several music festivals, I have to say I really do appreciate live performances when the bands are good.

I think they'll find this study is rotten at the core and most people are apathetic to modern music. That is, the low standards of popular music these days means a total lack of interesting and original bands and songs.

I owe finding/getting into some of my favourite bands solely on the shoulders of having access to p2p and vast wealth of songs. Infact i'd go so far as if it weren't for napster I'd be totally apathetic to music as a whole, or rather I wouldn't buy any because it didn't interest me as much as it does now.

Very dodgy research, or rather, I doubt they considered context, and to what degree there were people that only downloaded modern music, and contrasting that with those that download older music. I really do think it will be those that only download modern music and chart/popular music that will be apathetic to the crap that the industry is churning out.

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Section: [P2P] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:01 am
Title: What a load of crap!!!

I think that it dose the opposite. People grab lots more content, they will not settle for paying a heap of cash for somthing and then "playing it untill they like it". People now downlaod heaps from all round the place, much of it they do not listen to because it is CRAP. Mass downloading just means that people will not put up with crap. Finding a good band is just as cool as it ever was, just now you can look though hundreds at a time.
Author: [Jynks] on Sat Jan 14, 2006 2:23 am

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