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13.07.08 - DNS, NameServers, and a request...

You might have noticed you are now resolving to the right place. I would like to say that this is because our Registrar has complied finally with the request to migrate nameservers... unfortunately, however, this is not the case.

We are now renting nameserver hosting from our old host pointing to our new host whilst our registrar, Lycos ( Vengence ) continues to fumble a two line text change in their reseller account.

Please remove all hosts file entries regarding, these are no longer needed! These should not be left in there as it will cause problems down the line

Go to c:windowssystem32driversetchosts , open this with notepad and remove the lines added for

Please do not use the direct ips anymore, you should use:

Thank you.
... I'm in an dispute with the DNS registrar for and as a temporary fix, I've had to downgrade the old host service to barebones dns and mail service as i can't get the nameservers updated with our registrar. This means the old host is simply pointing our domain on their nameservers to our new servers over here in europe.

This means i'm going to have to pay two hosting providers this month, our real server and the old host just for nameserver providing (although at a discounted rate). It also means its going to be *slightly* slower on initial lookups, because the nameservers are way, way over in asia, although after the first lookup your machine caches and it uses this local cache until you end your session.

So its still an ongoing fuckup on our domain registrar's front; lycos.

I'm demanding compensation but thus far they have refused to:
  • State the actual problem; it wouldn't be so bad but they can't actually say what the problem is so i am assuming gross incompetance
  • A direct phone number of someone on the technical staff
  • A phone number and name of someone for compensation claims
  • An EPP / authorisation code to leave
  • Any support beyond one email a day that says "we are invesitgating"

I'll be continuing to press the issue with them.

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Hits: 18415
Section: [Site] Source URL: [] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:24 pm
Title: Good job

Seems to work. Let's hope that Lycos will soon update the DNS entries. Wink
Author: [RedVeil] on Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:46 am

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