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30.03.08 - Night & Fog - Monster Comic

"The six-issue miniseries, which hits shelves starting in late May, spends a night on an island full of military-designed, bloodthirsty humanoids turning on their creators, and the soldiers sent to battle them."
Given Leung’s love of ALIENS and Bradford’s adoration of ’70s horror comics such EERIE and CREEPY, readers can expect a tale brimming with weird, cutting-edge technology up against a raw, otherworldly power. A serum intended to create supersoldiers sets everything in motion; once the substance takes hold, its recipient can actually adapt to any potential health hazards he or she may face. And that means bloody bad news for those battling these grunts gone wild. Though the creators are keeping a lid on specific plot points, they promise that creature fans will not be disappointed.

“Part of the inspiration for the book was that Matt and I wanted to tip our hats to the classic, Gothic kind of monster books like DRACULA, THE INVISIBLE MAN, JEKYLL AND HYDE and FRANKENSTEIN,” Leung tells Fango. Bradford adds, “We wanted to do something more modern, though I love those classics, from Hammer movies back to the early films. We really aimed to do a sort of sci-fi take on them, and present a realistic version—well, ‘realistic’ within the realm of the genre, at least. We wanted to come up with an excuse for this serum that [the characters] have been working on to transform men into monsters.”


More @ Fangoria. Also check out the preview pages that are available at:

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Section: [Horror] Source URL: [Fangoria] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: pure on Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:53 pm
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