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25.12.07 - BBFC refusing to act rationally on Manhunt 2

The BBFC refused classification to Manhunt 2.
Rockstar lodged an appeal stating that this was overblown and unnessacary.
Rockstar won the appeal.

Why in the name of greek buggery are the bbfc refusing to accept the decision? The persistant actions seem political and completely beyond their station...

If you speculate, its clear why they are continuing to push this; they acted inproperally with a black out in the first place and now this ruling is threatening their authority.
While interest in the critically ho-hum Manhunt 2 may be waning, the legal battle over the controversial Rockstar game lives on.

The Telegraph reports that the British Board of Film Classification, which banned Manhunt 2 in June before being recently overruled on appeal, has won the right to have the case heard by England’s High Court. As reported by The Telegraph:

BBFC lawyers argued that the [appeals] committee was guilty of “a very serious misdirection of law” on the question of harm and had misinterpreted the 1984 Video Recordings Act…

Mr Justice Wyn Williams ruled that the board had an arguable case and that it should go to a full hearing. He said it was common ground that the game was not suitable for minors but, if it was licensed, children would in one way or another gain access to the game.

The Daily Mail has a quote from Justice Williams:

I have taken into account the high public interest in the possibility of harm to children.

The ruling means that Manhunt 2 will not be sold in the U.K., pending the result of the January 31st hearing before Justice Williams. Meanwhile, as reported by Take Two Interactive has expressed disappointment over the BBFC’s refusal to drop the case:

We believe the [appeals] decision was correct and do not understand the BBFC’s decision to expend further public resources to censor a game that contains content well within the bounds established by the BBFC’s 18-plus ratings certification.

I'm just glad my tax money isn't being used for this!

They are a board of censors that should be acting in the best interests of the people, they made a decision, it was overturned... why are they crusading against the game when it shouldn't be their right to do so?

Am i the only one that senses they are acting rather irrationally?

This seems to be completely beyond understanding, anyone know what they are playing at?

There's an interesting tid bit in the bbc coverage of this:
“The BBFC said it would pay any damages that developer Rockstar might suffer as a result of the stay, if the Board loses its legal challenge.”

Not only are they wasting the sector's money on naff political messages, not only are the wasting the sector's money appealing to a decision they should be adhering to... now they are offering to give away money taxed on anyone who produces media content for a shit game that doesn't really deserve to exist.

Cheers to the bbfc Rolling Eyes

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Section: [Games] Source URL: [GamePolitics] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Tue Dec 25, 2007 4:53 pm

while i'm against the way the bbfc are acting, i really hate manhunt and think its a really shit game series so frankly i'm not bothered if it gets released or not
Author: [maxpayne2409] on Wed Dec 26, 2007 1:42 am

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