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22.10.07 - Child's Play Remake announced
Looks like Chucky is the next cultural icon to be bent over and defiled.
While many of producer David Kirschner's recent movies with his partner Corey Siniega, such as the biopic Miss Potter and the upcoming Martian Child, might not necessarily be "Shock-worthy", Kirschner's second film, Child's Play roughly twenty years ago kicked off a popular horror franchise that has inspired many imitations and four sequels. had a chance to interview Kirschner for his upcoming movie where he surprised us by announcing that they were working on another "Chucky" movie, which would be a remake of the original Child's Play. (But surely, we all knew this was coming, right?)

"We're discussing it with Don Mancini, who has written all of them with us from the beginning," Kirschner told us. "The next one we're going to do is we're going back and remaking the first one and even pushing it further and making a very terrifying version of the first one, which is pretty scary as it is."

"We haven't come up with anybody yet," he replied when asked whether they were looking at any of today's cutting-edge horror directors. "We haven't really discussed that. We've just been working on stories, so I think that'll be a fun process when we get there."

Of course, the age-old question of "Why?" immediately came up. "Look at 'Halloween'," he quickly responded. "It's kind of commerce to keep the franchise going, and another reason to go see it. For me, it's exciting, because the first one was really scary and then from there, we kind of… my favorites are 1 and 4. I love 4, it really makes me laugh and I think Jennifer Tilly is so great, but just the idea of going back to where we were the first time around and I think for me, it's almost 30 years later for me as a filmmaker from where I started to now, and the idea of taking some skill that maybe I didn't possess then and putting it towards the next film, I think could be exciting."

Would they possibly use the same script? "I think it would be pretty close to it, that's for sure, but there's some other things that we're exploring also, and some twists that we don't want the audience to expect, as far as a couple deaths, where you think you're going in one way and you're going to go in another way as a result of knowing it and it being such a popular franchise." These new developments may include learning more about Charles Lee Ray, although they're discussing whether series regular Brad Dourif will be back in that role and once again voicing Chucky.

But don't just assume that because we're well into the 21st Century that Chucky will be any sort of CG motion-captured creation. "It'll be an animatronic doll, like we do all of them, but animatronics have grown from when we did the first one 20 years ago. We just did the commentary on the 20th Anniversary of it, and all the stars, the little kid Andy Barkley, all of that, so that's coming out in January/February."

Stay tuned to for more news as things develop.

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Section: [Horror] Source URL: [Shock Till You Drop] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:13 am
Title: #1

Oh my gooooooood. Let's hope that their Chucky doll slaughters them all... Very Happy
Author: [elchupacabra] on Tue Oct 23, 2007 4:14 pm

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