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01.07.07 - BREIN trying to shut down Demonoid
BREIN, the naziesque incompetants of the dutch 'copyright' authorities has recently claimed to have had a hand in forcing down Demonoid.

According to one of the moderators of Demonoid, Sabin1981, this is a falsehood:
Brien's announcement is a joke! It's pathetic what that disgusting organisation will do to stay in the limelight. They sure as hell didn't knock us offline - and they had NO hand in it either! Stupid, arrogant, assholes. I've been a member of Demonoid for 3 years and a moderator for over half that time -- and I can bloody well assure you; Brein had *nothing* whatsoever to do with us going down. It was just absolutely bad timing on our part! One of our primary HDDs failed and we couldn't back it up in time. D rebooted the server to allow the backup to propogate, then bang - nothing came back.

Believe me or don't, but I'm telling you right now .. from the horses mouth, so to speak, Brein are a bunch of arrogant cocktards and they had nothing to do with us going down like that. You'll see.

The above quote comes from

A report of the 'takedown' from zeropaid follows:
It's shaping up to be a bad week for the BitTorrent community as another popular tracker site winds up in legal crosshairs.>
The BREIN foundation, a joint Dutch anti-piracy program of authors, artists and producers of music, film and interactive software in the fight against Intellectual Property theft, have now set their sites on the ubiquitous, one of the more popular "private" BitTorrent tracker sites out there today.

Demonoid has been offline for a few days due to an apparent HDD drive crash, with a message to users on their site reading as follows:

We had a system problem which will force us to restore everything from backup.
The disks are pretty much empty right now and until we are able to upload the backup and set up everything up, we have to close down.
We'll be back as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, now it would seem that the plot has thickened with BREIN now apparently targeting Demonoid's ISP Leaseweb for hosting the site and thereby scaring Demonoid enough to seek out a new server host. An exasperated BREIN gleefully comments that " strongly seems that disappearing the site is the consequence of this intimation."
BREIN notes that "...on average 93.8% of the accessible files are see as illegal to. From the control of the contents became clear that at least 92.4% of files the commented as a resistance worker were effectively useful. None of these useful works the contained other content then title of the torrent indicated."
"This outcome shows clearly that it is illegal content offering takes place on large international torrent sites such as Demonoid where the users supply torrentlinks and content," says BREIN director Tim Kuik.

BREIN also oddly notes that the site is adamant about refusing to host links to pornographic material yet, feels no such quandary about links to copyrighted content. They cite this as example of how Demonoid could just as easily refuse copyrighted content and that it has no argument with which to justify a stance to the contrary.
It too criticizes the Netherlands reputation as a "safe port" and in particular Leaseweb, and that this all must come to an end.
Kulk closes with an a warning for Demonoid and Leaseweb, writing:

So it seems Demonoid plays hide and go seek. We think it's important that Leaseweb takes measures to take and keep these and other illegal sites inaccessible and the name - and address data of his administrators be released so that they can be held liable for damages. Should it appear that Leaseweb has no reliable customer data, then it should be held liable for the damage it has caused.

Moreover, it would seem the gloves have come off in the copyright holders battle against BitTorrent tracker sites and it's anybody's guess what the outcome will be. But, if groups like BREIN are to effectively root out "safe ports" like the Netherlands and elsewhere it may just spell the end of the days where large BitTorrent trackers sites ran free and push everybody into the world of small, private, clandestine sites, or even into a complete switchover to the world of Usenet.

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Section: [P2P] Source URL: [ZeroPaid] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Sun Jul 01, 2007 7:26 pm
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