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03.02.07 - Dan Aykroyd: Ghostbusters 3 and Game news
A few weeks back I posted about a rumoured Ghostbusters game with a mockup of how it might look (Looks like a Gears of War mod atm, but made by a company without rights to the ghostbusters franchise)... anyhow, now Dan Aykroyd has revealed a real news bomb, not only is there a ghostbusters game in the making.

Universal has purchased the game rights from Sony, he's going to be doing motion and voice work.

oh and Ghostbusters 3 is in production.
The Ghostbusters drama just keeps on coming as Dan Aykroyd himself (who starred in and wrote the original film) has revealed just what is going on with our favorite revived franchise. From Dr. Raymond Stantz himself: "Universal purchased the rights from Sony for a game. I'm actually going to have to perform and do some motion capture for them. That will be next year."

So now we know exactly why Sony had to drop the hammer on ZootFly and their Ghostbusters prototype. But why the sudden amount of interest in such an obscure property? It should be obvious by now that this is no mere coincidence. The moment the theme song itself resurfaced in a soon to be released Beatmania title, we knew something had to be up.

And that something is a new feature film. In yet another interview, Aykroyd reveals that not only is Ghostbusters III in production, but it's a computer animated film in which he lends his voice.

All that's left for this resurrection is some new toys and Ecto Cooler, because in 2007 Ghostbusters is all up in our grills, and we're loving it.

I'm not sure about the animated computer film myself, i think that's a crying shame its not a live action affair. Given Bill Murrays hatred for sequels, I doubt he'll be back but we can hope Smile

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Section: [Games] Source URL: [JoyStiq] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Sat Feb 03, 2007 4:57 pm


Looks like a Ghostbusters 3 may be in the cards after all. Talk of a Ghostbusters 3 movie have been floating around for years, but with BIll Murray coming out and announcing that he refuses to do another one, it seemed that we had seen the last of the Ghostbusters. Well... maybe not.

The good folks over at Filmforce are reporting that Harold Ramis just may be getting the gang back together again... but with Ben Stiller replacing Murray:

Ramis reportedly wants franchise vets Dan Aykroyd and Rick Moranis to reprise their respective roles in the sequel, which the report claims will be called Ghostbusters in Hell, but he has his eye on A-lister Ben Stiller to star as a new Ghostbuster.

The script, written by Aykroyd, is said to feature a hell that looks alot like New York City. The Ghostbusters are able to be transported into hell via a portal in a New York warehouse

Author: [bicho] on Sat Feb 03, 2007 9:01 pm


Ben Stiller? FFS! I really hope not Sad
Author: [spudthedestroyer] on Sun Feb 04, 2007 3:40 pm

Title: old news

i heard this days ago, and the ben stiller thing has been around since last summer
Author: [maxpayne2409] on Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:51 pm


what do you want, a medal? Laughing
Author: [spudthedestroyer] on Tue Feb 06, 2007 11:52 pm

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