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09.06.06 - PirateBay subsequent slowness and downtime
Seems to be down to the PR campaign of the MPAA. From boasting the 'victory', it seems piratebay got more attention than previously, and since its sprung right back that means the MPAA has done a huge advertising push for the site... nice Smile
If the Big Four Organized Music cartel's RIAA is remembered for any one thing - apart from suing 12-year-olds, that is - it'll be for single-handedly introducing digital file sharing to the world.

Until the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) started trying to sue its customers into buying the over-priced, low-quality digital downloads from Warner Music, EMI, Sony BMG and Vivendi Universal, file sharing was a fringe thing few people had heard of.

Now, thanks to the RIAA's relentless, multi-millon-dollar PR efforts, millions of people around the world now know how to use the Net to share music with each other.

But the RIAA isn't alone on this.

"It appears the MPAA really has no clue how to look beyond a single step out from any of their actions," says Techdirt.

"A week ago, they were crowing about how shutting down Pirate Bay was such a huge victory for the entertainment industry. Instead, the site was back up two days later, and only suffered additional outages because so many more people started using the site, thanks to the MPAA's inadvertent advertising for the site that, previously, was only known in select circles."

Now the same thing is happening to and Isohunt and, "Once again, Isohunt has a reasonable defense in that they are simply a search engine, and host no infringing content," says Techdort, adding, "it's simply stunning that the industry continues to help promote these sites one after the other". says it's doing nothing illegal, and Isohunt's Gary Fung says he doesn't steal movies. IsoHunt is a search engine that uses BitTorrent technology so people can find video files online.

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Section: [P2P] Source URL: [p2pnet] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Fri Jun 09, 2006 11:18 pm
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